• Promotion of general health as a drinking water additive
    • Super effective disinfectant, waterline cleaner, and biofilm/scale remover
    • Statistically proven better mortality, digestion, weight gain & feed conversion
    • Disease control and cure
    • Rapid return on Investment
    • Grain and feed storage additive (reduced mold)
    • Bacteria control through misting or fogging (pest control on the skin)

Results: One month after dosing Anolyte, we noticed all lines were completely free from biofilm and debris. Pigs looked healthier with more Energy. Client experienced elevated mortality in post wean before using Anolyte. Now when we ask him about------ What ya mean, all cool.

Conclusion: The addition of Anolyte for this application has exceeded all expectations and performances with the Client testifying that the Anolyte System was paid off in less than four months. Not hard to believe, and we have seen this many times before. This Client had good quality well water to begin with but lacked the very important ingredient that every water distribution needs: “Safe, Powerful, and Non-Toxic, Disinfection and Water Purification”

Now: One of the most common questions we have to answer is “We have a very good source of natural water, what can Anolyte improve?” The fact remains that “good water” cannot remain good (Stable, free from pathogenic bacteria and toxic biofilm formation) when you pump it into >1000 feet of distribution lines subject to the settling of many mineral deposits over time, and elevated water temperatures, reverse bacteria, and virus migration from the many drinking nipples making it an ideal harbor for pathogenic bacteria and viruses to thrive and multiply. The Virus's and Bacteria's self-defense mechanism is the layer of biofilm coating inside the pipes protecting them from many inefficient, toxic disinfectants currently used on the market. The advanced disinfection properties of Universal Anolyte make it environmentally friendly, Non- toxic, and Fast-acting. It is the perfect Solution for Better Water Treatment, Hygiene, and Sanitization practices on the Farm.

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