Sam Hofer
Sam Hofer – CEO
Sam is our visionary. He loves people and works in the background to make sure his customers and his team are always happy. Sam is a devoted husband, father, and grandfather, who takes great delight in his family and friends. In his spare time, he loves working on music..
Ray Mast
Ray Mast – Supplies & Logistics
When dreamers and doers collide, you get people like Ray Mast. A jack-of-all-trades, he excels in many industries, among them general business, customer service, retail, inventory control, and transportation. Since he was 14, he has owned and/or managed many small businesses, ranging from farm supply to transportation and logistics. Ray loves anything mechanical, from lawn mower engines to airplanes. A perpetual scholar that loves keeping his mind active, he welcomes new information and sees every new challenge as an opportunity to gain more knowledge.
Katrina Mast
Katrina Mast – Financial Manager
Before beginning her journey with OmniLyte Central, Katrina worked for 5 years at her hometown bank, working her way up from part-time Teller to full-time Real Estate Loan Specialist. Like her father, Ray, she loves a challenge, and being the “money lady” is no small one. True to her banker roots, she enjoys handling money and making sure all accounts balance.
Kimberly Mast
Kimberly Mast – Operations & Support
Every great team has excellent structure. Enter: Kimberly. She takes systematic to an art form, organizing everything from warehouse inventory to her paper clip drawer. As a former librarian, Kim loves her quiet space, taking great joy in making the office run smoothly from the inside. A proud introvert, she excels in keeping us neat, tidy, and organized.