Why Anolyte?

Anolyte is a vital component of our Envirolyte systems. It is crucial in providing the cleanest water for all of your livestock. Anolyte is the cleanest, safest, easiest, and most effective alternative to other disinfectants and chemicals used in other systems.

Most importantly, Anolyte is proven to be effective. It has the capability of destroying samples of e-Coli, salmonella, and Legionella is just minutes! This effectiveness will last too; the aforementioned microorganisms will not grow any resistance to Anolyte. Furthermore, your safety will not be compensated for the competency. Unlike other disinfectants, there are no hazardous chemicals that can potentially harm you or cause any accidents. If that is not enough, Anolyte and the Envirolyte systems have no biofilm buildup, so you don’t have to spend time maintaining and cleaning your system. It is evident that Anolyte is the right choice and alternative for you and your livestock.

Give Omnilyte Central a call today and put Anolyte to the test for yourself.

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