The Power of Anolyte

Are you in need of a water purification system that is highly effective in combating diseases, yet remains safe to humans, animals, and the environment? Anolyte solutions are exactly what you are looking for. They have been proven to be effective against e-Coli, salmonella, and Legionella, so you can ensure your livestock stays disease-free. 

A test performed by IPROMA S.L. proved that Anolyte has the capability of destroying samples of e-Coli, salmonella, and Legionella is just minutes! Most importantly, these microorganisms won't grow any resistance! That is why Omnilyte chooses Anolyte solutions over anything else because they actually work. You have nothing to worry about while using Anolyte as our clients have seen the incredible results already. Furthermore, Anolyte is not hazardous and harmful if it comes in contact with humans. It's easy to see why the use of chlorination is declining why Anolyte solutions become more and more popular. Why settle for chlorine if there's a more powerful and effective alternative?

See the power of Anolyte for yourself and give Omnilyte a call today.