Every year people get hurt and even killed in chlorine gas related accidents. Some of these involve delivery systems or incorrect mixing of cleaning and disinfecting chemicals.

Chlorine and its chemical compounds are extremely effective as disinfecting agents and the safety of our modern food and water supply chain depends heavily on them. The struggle has been to maintain the safety of the food and water supply chain while protecting the health and lives of those working in these areas.

Now with the use of the Envirolyte systems it is possible to generate hypochlorous acid safely on site with just salt, water and electricity. Hypochlorous Acid is one of the most powerful chlorine based disinfection agents.

Using state of the art patented Membrane Electrolysis technology Envirolyte generators produce powerful disinfection agents on site with little or no risk to humans.

Neutral Anolyte Biocide is an Organic, 100% All - Natural Compound. As a Disinfectant/Sterilant, Neutral Anolyte Biocide has greater killing power than Chlorine, Chlorinated Water, Chlorine Dioxide, Sodium Hypochlorite, Hydrogen Peroxide and Ozone. Envirolyte Neutral Anolyte Biocide has proven to be virtually 100% effective in killing any and all microbial pathogens against which it has been tested. Neutral Anolyte Biocide brackets the Neutral 7 pH range, has an Oxidation Reduction Potential [ORP] of +700 to +900 millivolts [mV] and contains 500 to 700 ppm of Free Available Chlorine.

The Envirolyte systems that we employ are competent, efficient, and easy to maintain. Although the systems possess those qualities, the simplicity is not compensated. Envirolyte systems consist of mainly one important process: electrolysis. This process is responsible for simplicity and efficiency.